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Ginsenoside Re/Rd/Rb1/Rb2/Rg1/CK/health care product/Raw materials for health care products
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Ginsenoside Re/Rd/Rb1/Rb2/Rg1/CK/health care product/Raw materials for health care products
Min. Order: 1KG
Price: 10
Port: China
Place of Origin: China
Settlement Method: L/C,T/T
Transportation Method: Shipping,Land transportation
Contacts: Ms. Xia
Phone: +8618268527725
PV: 432
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Country/Region: Zhejiang China

Mobile Number: +8618268527725


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 Product Name: Re 

Available specifications:

Re> 95% HPLC

Purity> 98%

Rg1<0.5% HPLC

 More Spec.:

Panaxadiol Saponins Rb1+Rc+Rb2+Rb3+Rd, 


Ginsenoside Rb1, Rd, Rg1, Rg2, Rg3, Rh1,Rh2,CK


Ginsenosides Re is mainly extracted from Panax ginseng, though it can also exist in American ginseng, Tianqi, etc.. But compared with others, the content of ginsenosides Re from Panax ginseng is relatively high. Because ginsenosides Re has a good pharmacological activity, it is mainly used in clinical neurological, immune, cardiovascular and many other diseases.

Pharmacological function: 

1. Ginsenosides Re can promote DNA, RNA synthesis and induce tissue regeneration role;

2. Ginsenoside Re can enhance insulin, lower blood glucose;

3. Ginsenosides Re can regulate neurotransmitters, anti-fatigue;

4. Ginsenoside Re has a significant antagonism on platelet aggregation and release,  thrombosis.

5. Ginsenosides Re nerve cells can delay aging and reduce memory impairment, improve memory.

 Applications: Pharmaceutical raw materials

Ningbo Gianon Biotech Co.,Ltd. is a company which specialized in the extracting, developing, producing, and selling of the effective composition of natural plants. Gianon is based on the plentiful plant resources on northeast China, including Panax Ginseng, American Ginseng, Siberian Ginseng,Schisandra and Grape Seed,  etc.  We provide high quality & nature plant extracts to all the companies which in the lines of functional food, drink, health-products, cosmetics, and medicines, etc through the second large seaport of China-Beilun port.

Gianon has a professional team on the plant extract industry. We can keep the original efficacies of the plants with our ultra-low temperature extracting technology. With strong technical strengths, advanced inspecting methods and completed quality controlling systems, we provide excellent green products to human being’s health. Meanwhile in the natural plants pesticide residue processing techniques and the heavy metal processing respects, Gianon is in the leading status and has achieved the international advanced level. The standard of which has already completely arrived to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standard, also complied with the USP, EP, and JPLS standard as well.

“Integrity, Innovation, Environmental protection, Health” is the core value of Gianon People. “Quality First, Service Utmost, and Common developing” is the long-term developed managing perception of Gianon Company.

Insisting”Scientific Concept of Development” and the principle of Sustainable Development”, Gianon always do our best for human beings health and sharing the green health products with all the people at present and in future!




Room 2103, Building 2# Phenix International Plaza, No.65 Baoshan Road Beilun Zone Ningbo P.R.China, Zhejiang Province P.R.China

Tel: 0086-574-86818332 , 86818337

Fax: 0086-574-86818226


Main Products:

Panax Ginseng Extract , American Ginseng Extract , Siberian Ginseng Extract , Schisandra Extract , Grape Seed Extract , Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract , Ginseng Berry Extract , Isofraxidin , Ginsenoside , Saponin , Ginseng Fruit Extract

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