How to buy sink sewer accessories

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According to Xiaobian, water accessories are often ignored by many people. In fact, in daily use, water accessories are prone to problems. Many water pipes on the market are made of PVC material without self-sealing, despite the price, but the life is short, and it needs to be replaced after a period of time. If the selection of water accessories is not appropriate, it is easy to cause obstruction, so the selection of water tank, water accessories are particularly important. So how to buy the sink sewer accessories? How to buy the sink sewer accessories ? Let's take a look.

How to buy sink sewer accessories:


Good sewer pipes should be non-scaling, corrosion resistant, high density, and able to withstand the temperature of hot water. Choose self-sealing weak elastic PP raw material, the inner wall finish is high, no burr, the waste can not adhere to the pipe wall.

The sewer fittings that are matched with excellent sewer pipes should also use the sewer with good sealing and stable and consolidated raw materials. It allows for multiple filtration, avoiding pipe clogging and, to a greater extent, avoiding the flow of bulky waste into the sewer.

The sewer system, the sewer should be made of stainless steel with the same raw material as the sink, and the sewer pipe is made of self-sealing weak elastic PP raw material, bearing temperature up to 95, and the same life as the sink to serve the kitchen. Reasonable design of the sewer pipe can be used to adjust the water port, can be transferred to the mobile device, and the rear water port phase, more useful to increase the application area of the cabinet, bunker sink after the water can achieve such a effect.



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